Walker & Ashlyn | Wedding

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Have you ever met someone and your heart just feels instantly at peace with them?  Corny, I know, but that’s truly how I felt meeting Ashlyn and Walker for the first time.  They are both kind, warm, and welcoming.  They hold conversation easily, asking questions about your life, and soon you find that you’re talking about dreams for a mission based coffee shop and affordable pharmacy pop up instead of wedding photography!  That first meeting wasn’t a ruse either; in every interaction we had with them, we saw the same kindness and genuine spirit come through. So, this wedding, our first in 2019, really set the bar high!  

They both come from a lineage of strong marriages.  At their reception, they had this sign up that read “following a legacy of love” and photos of their parents, grandparents, and great grandparents on their wedding days.  Personally, we have the opposite lineage within our families so it was a major encouragement for us to see this.  It caused me to dream about what that kind of lineage could look like for our daughter in the most hopeful way.  It also deeply encouraged me because Ashlyn and Walker are taking their marriage seriously. During their ceremony, they had their parents join them as they read, prayed over, and signed a marriage covenant.  It was such a gift to get to witness this.  We’ve photographed lots of weddings and this just felt like a holy moment, like the Lord was so pleased to watch this union happen.  Now, I know he probably feels that way for a good majority of weddings.  He’s the creator of marriage!  But it was just a joy for us to tangibly feel the presence of the Lord during their day. 

Marriage Covenant.jpg

(I’ll add, two of my favorite weddings that we’ve shot were non-religious weddings and the joy of those two people so in love and so loved by their family and friends is just as precious and heart warming!)

There were so many sweet details about their day! They were both surrounded by a large wedding party but, true to Walker and Ashlyn, there was no disconnect among them. Each member of their wedding party were so happy to be there and it showed! Ashlyn wore a fur that belonged to her great grandmother for some of the photos, they wrote letters to each other and her parents that they read before the ceremony, there were crayons and coloring books for the kids, and they paid homage to Walker’s love of baseball with Cracker Jacks and Ashlyn’s love of coffee with a coffee bar. Such thoughtful details that made their wedding a reflection of who they are!

The day itself was not like a normal January day.  It was around 55 degrees, bright, and sunny.  It had rained a good bit leading up to this day so there were some nerves and back and forth texting between Ashlyn and I but the day arrived and it was perfect!  We utilized the columns in front of Central Baptist Church and then managed to pull them away for a few shots at sunset before they went to their yummy nacho bar reception.  Bubbles and balloons completed their getaway and these two lovebirds were off!

Ashlyn and Walker, thank you so much for putting your marriage above your wedding day and for allowing us to photograph your beginnings.  It was an honor to capture it all!