Hello there!

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Welcome to our new site and very first blog!  It’s been an exciting, weird, and overwhelming process leading up to this and I’m so glad to be here now.  We recently underwent a name change to help streamline our focus and clarify our business for clients. 

We operated as Duff Studios since 2007.  During that time, we saw massive growth in our skill, our hearts, and our business.  There have been lean times and times of plenty but we’ve never felt like abandoning this dream completely, always trusting that the Lord would provide if we just held on.  And he did, per usual!  

At the end of 2017, we had our first baby.  Sweet Claire changed our entire world in the best and hardest ways.  We took time off and slowed down our 2018.  It was a great decision as Brit dealt with postpartum anxiety most of the year.  During that slow time, we prayed, researched, learned, and thought through what the future of Duff Studios would be.  It became evident that this was something we wanted to continue doing.  It also became evident that we needed to change some things.  


Duff Studios was originally created out of Erin’s desire to have it be an opportunity for multiple creative outlets - photography, videography, music.  While we still do videography on some level, photography has been what has stood out the most to us.  Freezing moments of joy, happiness, hurt, a full background of emotions in their natural environment, are what makes the creative hearts in us come alive. So, the name Duff Studios began to feel unnecessary and even confusing.  

But you can’t just up and change a business name that you’ve had for over 12 years, can you?!  Well, yes and no!  You can certainly change a name and rebrand yourself, but it does cost something (spoiler alert - it’s not just money).  We had built a brand with Duff Studios.  We had clients who recommended us and we were easy to find. Is it worth giving that up?

As you can probably already tell, yes, it was worth it to us.  For us to rebrand meant wading into a potentially less busy year but it also meant we had clarity to our business.  We are a wedding photography business run by a husband and wife team.  Our name wasn’t confusing anymore.  Sure, it means we are starting back a few steps to build up our name but, at the end of the day, it’s just a name.  It doesn’t change the services we have provided, our portfolio, our reviews, our fond memories of our couples we have had the privilege to serve.  It also provides a little kick in the butt to continue learning and growing as artists.  We have all the excitement of a freshman in college with the awareness and knowledge of an MBA graduate.  Not a bad spot to be, IMO!

So, for the first time, we are pleased to introduce ourselves as Erin & Britinni McDuff of McDuff Photography.  We’ve photographed weddings for over 12 years.  We aim to continually improve and grow with each wedding, serving our couples in any way possible and delivering images that will help them remember how lovely their wedding day was while also encouraging them to focus on the most important part of their wedding day, their marriage after! 

We’d love for you to join along as we share weddings, things we’ve learned in more than a decade of photographing weddings, and maybe even some surprises.