Night to Shine 2019

Night To Shine

Night to Shine is a prom for people with special needs. It’s the heartbeat of the Tim Tebow Foundation. This year alone, 655 churches (in all 50 states and 24 countries) came alongside the Tim Tebow Foundation to host over 100,000 individuals at their own prom with the help of over 200,000 volunteers. Each guest is dressed to the nines, treated to hair, make up, and a shoe shine, they take a limo ride, walk a red carpet with paparazzi, eat yummy foods, take a ton of photos, and are each crowned king and queen as they dance the night away. It’s a precious event on a global scale to see these people in all their beautiful, kind, fun glory!

It was a privilege for us to capture moments of joy, excitement, nervousness, and absolute fun for the guests. I took their formal photos while Erin covered the rest of the event. It was 2.5 hours for me but it flew by. I was having so much fun meeting each guest, getting them positioned, gushing about how pretty or handsome they looked, on top of checking focus, lighting and a few other technical components that I was literally shocked when they said we had 30 minutes until crowning! As you can see below, this was so fun for me!

There is so much joy in the air at this event, you can’t leave the night without your cheeks hurting from smiling so much! We love getting the opportunity to use our gifts and skills in photography to serve others! We are looking forward to Night to Shine 2020! (Sorry for the exclamation overload but I can’t help it when I’m talking, or writing, about this event!)

If you would like to help this huge event happen, please visit the Tim Tebow Foundation or Fellowship Jonesboro for more information on volunteering, guest registration, or donations. You won’t regret giving your time to this!