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Lee + Lauren | Wedding

What a great day!  Lee and Lauren were married this past Saturday and it was a really sweet day.  I don’t write that to be contrite.  It really was sweet!

They have a strong support network with their family and friends.  Everyone was on top of tasks that needed to be done and were working to make sure Lee and Lauren’s day went smoothly.  And it did!

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Kasey + Audra | Engagement

What a fun session!  Kasey & Audra are so sweet, so laid back, and so in love!  As they should be!  They met in the spring of 2015 while serving at church. Kasey basically invited himself to be Audra’s date to a friends wedding.  Honestly, can you blame him?  Anyways, they dated for a bit but then parted ways as it just wasn’t the right time for them at that moment. Two years later, they got back together and since you reading about thier engagement, you know their relationship is going quite well!  Fours years of history with a break in between teaches you alot about a person.  Photographing these two was so easy.  They just naturally went towards holding each other’s hand, gazing into each other’s eyes, and just alll around being in love!  Perfection!

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Hoggard Family | Maternity

This family is very dear to us. We’ve captured endless photos for them, including their wedding, maternity photos, birthday pictures, and family sessions peppered in between. This session captured Lucy’s last few weeks before she gets to meet her baby sister! She seems excited but I’m betting very unprepared! Haha!

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Ashlyn | Bridals

It’s so evident that God’s hand was orchestrating every bit of Ashlyn’s bridals! We had initially scheduled her bridals at Petit Jean State Park. She loves hiking and being outdoors so that was a perfect option for her. The dang weather just wouldn’t cooperate so we rescheduled and ended up deciding to change locations due to concerns about her gown getting messy. After going through a list of places to try, one of Ashlyn’s mother’s friends offered her home, just in a casual conversation. Providence from the Lord people! Her home is just stunning and provided the perfect backdrop for Ashlyn. She just shines in these photos!

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Night to Shine 2019 | Fellowship Jonesboro

Night to Shine is a prom for people with special needs. It’s the heartbeat of the Tim Tebow Foundation. This year alone, 655 churches (in all 50 states and 24 countries) came alongside the Tim Tebow Foundation to host over 100,000 individuals at their own prom with the help of over 200,000 volunteers. Each guest is dressed to the nines, treated to hair, make up, and a shoe shine, they take a limo ride, walk a red carpet with paparazzi, eat yummy foods, take a ton of photos, and are each crowned king and queen as they dance the night away. It’s a precious event on a global scale to see these people in all their beautiful, kind, fun glory!

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