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Kasey + Audra | Engagement

What a fun session!  Kasey & Audra are so sweet, so laid back, and so in love!  As they should be!  They met in the spring of 2015 while serving at church. Kasey basically invited himself to be Audra’s date to a friends wedding.  Honestly, can you blame him?  Anyways, they dated for a bit but then parted ways as it just wasn’t the right time for them at that moment. Two years later, they got back together and since you reading about thier engagement, you know their relationship is going quite well!  Fours years of history with a break in between teaches you alot about a person.  Photographing these two was so easy.  They just naturally went towards holding each other’s hand, gazing into each other’s eyes, and just alll around being in love!  Perfection!

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