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Lee + Lauren | Wedding

What a great day!  Lee and Lauren were married this past Saturday and it was a really sweet day.  I don’t write that to be contrite.  It really was sweet!

They have a strong support network with their family and friends.  Everyone was on top of tasks that needed to be done and were working to make sure Lee and Lauren’s day went smoothly.  And it did!

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Ashlyn | Bridals

It’s so evident that God’s hand was orchestrating every bit of Ashlyn’s bridals! We had initially scheduled her bridals at Petit Jean State Park. She loves hiking and being outdoors so that was a perfect option for her. The dang weather just wouldn’t cooperate so we rescheduled and ended up deciding to change locations due to concerns about her gown getting messy. After going through a list of places to try, one of Ashlyn’s mother’s friends offered her home, just in a casual conversation. Providence from the Lord people! Her home is just stunning and provided the perfect backdrop for Ashlyn. She just shines in these photos!

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